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Hemp Basics in the Media

Since 1991, Hemp Supply and Hemp Basics have been at the forefront of the re-emergence of hemp as a viable commercial product in the United States. Products made from hemp materials supplied by us have been periodically featured in various magazines and media; and we’ve also been referenced in several articles as a knowledgeable source of hemp background information as well a source for technical information regarding hemp fiber cultivation and fiber processing.

Below we have attached some of the articles which have appeared over the years featuring hemp products made from materials supplied by Hemp Supply and Hemp Basics, including hemp products used in the home; and articles which include information supplied by us regarding hemp in general. Please peruse the attached articles and see how hemp and its many uses are slowly finding a way into not only our wardrobes, but into our homes and offices as well. Please also follow the links to the sections on this website for Hemp News and Hemp Information to learn more about hemp and its slow, but steady reintroduction into our culture.

health-magazine-cover-sm.png There's no doubt that to achieve true environmental correctness, you'd have to do more than recycle faithfully and choose paper over plastic (or is it the other way around?). For instance, most homes are built with wood, materials like carpet and paint, and other elements treated with or composed partly of chemicals that aren't exactly healthy for you-or the world around you.

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house and garden cover-sm.png

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inspired-house-cover-sm.png Earlier this year I had the pleasure of working with architect Sarah Susanka on her Not So Big Showhouse at the International Builder's Show in Orlando, Fla. As an interior designer, I share Sarah's appreciation for simple, timeless design, and we both place a premium on quality materials and sustainability.

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instylecover-sm.png Like Elaine, the high-voltage New Yorker she played on Seinfeld, Julia-Louise Dreyfus has all the energy of Time's Square at rush hour. "I tried meditating," she says, wincing. "Can't do it. I tried yoga. Couldn't stand it. I kept thinking, Let's pick up the pace!" Given her city-girl moxie, it's surprising that her oceanfront home just north of Santa Barbera is as tranquil as a Japanese Zen center. The elegant wood-box bungalow exudes an east-meets-beach vibe.

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