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Hemp Accessories

Hemp Accessories

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FFD401 - Tug-A-Hemp Rope Chew Toy

These hemp rope toys are interactive dog toys made with all natural, raw hemp rope only. The rope is made from dry-spun hemp yarn that is only mechanically processed after it is gathered from the field. This hemp is grown without harmful pesticides or weed killers and is processed or bleached like cotton rope. Chemical-free, non-toxic, entirely biodegradable!

Our Price: $4.50
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  6130 - Hemp Webbing Belt

This 1.25" hemp webbing belt is woven in a herringbone pattern. Made from dry-spun hemp yarns, this natural colored hemp belt is soft yet amazingly strong. The belt won't stretch in ordinary use and is washable. Each belt is 50 inches long and can be cut to fit by simply removing the steel open-faced belt buckle and cutting the belt to the desire length.

Our Price: $9.00
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