9005 - Hemp Jewelry Knot Guide

9005 - Hemp Jewelry Knot Guide
"Hemp Masters Getting Knotty" by Max Lunger. A simple, easy to follow, instructional guide to creating outstanding hemp jewelry. This book contains an abundance of drawings and photos to complement the clear, complete instructions. The knotting guide explains and illustrates the half-knot, the half-hitch and their many variations, giving the crafter dozens of choices for pattern combinations. The use of beads and a variety of endings and clasps are also explained. There are 22 example projects, from the simple to the complex, all beautiful, all with pictures and step-by-step instructions. Written for both beginning and seasoned crafters, this book should prove invaluable for any person wishing to learn more about hemp, knotting techniques, and making irresistible jewelry.

Hemp Masters Getting Knotty
By Max Lunger
Printed in USA

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