4250 - Hemp Jewelers Beading Twine

4250 - Hemp Jewelers Beading Twine
Our thinnest twine, this smooth and uniform twine is perfect for all beading projects, especially those where the diameter of the hole in the bead is very small. This jewelers twine is made from 4 stands of long-fiber hemp yarns that are twisted together to create a strong, uniform and very durable twine that can also be used for various sewing applications where a thin, yet strong yarn is called for. Strong enough to sew the soles on shoes, yet fine enough for the most delicate beading uses. Approximately 400' per ball. Each ball is shrink-wrapped and yarn is unspooled by pulling from the middle without removing the plastic wrap,for ease and convenience of use.

Hemp Beading Twine
50g - ~400' per Ball

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